Saying good bye to Ira Lubert, and a ponderance.

  • Post last modified:May 22, 2023

Long-time PSU Trustee Ira Lubert resigned on December 7th, 2020 – the same day as Pearl Harbor Day, appropriately enough given Ira Lubert’s track record as the implementer of His “Sneak Attack” Sandusky Claimant settlements.

Ira Lubert, long-time PSU Trustee

In actuality, Lubert didn’t really “resign”, he was “termed out”. Penn State Trustees have a 12 year term limit. Lubert actually sat on the Board for 15 years – but was granted extra time on the Board (over the 12 year term limit) due to grandfather clauses inserted when the PSU Board Bylaws were amended (Article 2, Section 2.01(b)).

Interestingly enough, the very last action taken by the PSU Board on December 7th, before Lubert left, was to approve two more leases between Penn State and Lubert’s real estate firm, PSRP.

Meanwhile, even though Lubert’s departure was known well in advance of the December 7th, 2020 announcement, his empty seat has still (as of June 2021) not been filled. There have been four full Board meetings since Lubert left, and yet there has been not a single mention of the empty seat, or what is being done to fill it. Board bylaws call for the seats of resigning members to be filled via Board appointment, to serve out the unexpired term.

– Has no one noticed he is gone?
– Has the 38-member Board been too busy with other matters?
– Is there no one out there who wants to join?
– No one with the requisite ethical flexibility to meet the stringent “Business and Industry Trustee” qualification requirements”?


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