Platform for Responsible Governance at Penn State

  • Post last modified:May 22, 2023

There are many issues and challenges facing Penn State – and higher education throughout the Country.
These are the greatest challenges facing Penn State today – and our Board of Trustees needs to act now – and needs to act decisively – to turn Penn State onto a path for future excellence.

1. Cost of Tuition.    
Tuition costs can and must be reduced.  A Cost Reduction Team will be formed with the clear objective of  finding and implementing a set of thorough and specific cost reductions within the University to reduce tuition costs by at least 20%.

.  Greater Control and Accountability of the Capital Budget.
A capital project review team will be created with the clear objective to review each project with regard to its’ ability to meet specific University Strategic Objectives.  In addition, this team will be charged with considering any and all alternative means of achieving those objectives before approval of expenditures.

3.  Responsiveness and Transparency of University Governance and University Administration.
A publicly available reporting system will be put in place that equals or exceeds those of our BigTen peers.

I would recommend, and appreciate, if anyone vetting their votes for Penn State Alumni Trustee would review some of these issues in greater detail. Discussions of these issues can be found at the links below:

Eric Barron and Penn State’s Bloated Administration: And a Five-Step Solution to Sky-Rocketing Tuition Costs – Barry Fenchak (

Chronicle of Higher Education: “Where Does Tuition Money Go?” – Barry Fenchak (

Penn State Board Meeting: September 2018 Buying a Dormitory – What did We Learn? – Barry Fenchak (

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