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Penn State Featured in Major WSJ Investigation Article

  • Post last modified:August 11, 2023

Penn State featured in Wall Street Journal article on spending

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published a major expose on university spending, Colleges Spend Like There’s No Tomorrow. ‘These Places Are Just Devouring Money’ with Penn State prominently featured. You can read an archived copy here.

For a PDF version of the article, click here.

Journalists Melissa Korn, Andrea Fuller, and Jennifer S Forsyth did their homework. This is a factual piece that casts a stark light on the runaway spending many flagship schools have undertaken, in many cases with a lack of trustee oversight.

The article quotes my public objection to last year’s 5% tuition increase for in-state students after the Pennsylvania legislature failed to provide more funding:

I think the knee-jerk reaction was, ‘OK, we’ve got to raise tuition,’ and I think perhaps the knee-jerk reaction should have been, ‘We need to get to work on the things we should’ve been doing for the last 10 years and light a bit of a fire underneath our behinds’ ” to address costs, he said.”

I am heartened to see this story get the coverage it deserves. It is an important issue throughout higher education, and especially at Penn State, and I appreciate journalistic efforts that take the time to present thorough, fair, and factual information. 

Some interesting data from the article:

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