Penn State Board of Trustees Elections: 2019

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As we begin the nomination process for the 2019 Penn State Board of Trustees Alumni Elections, I have been asked:

“Are you running?”

The answer is, yes….. and my background data, which is required for the nomination ballots, is:

Barry J Fenchak. Class of 1984.

Why am I running?

I am NOT running because I want to be on the Penn State Board.
I AM running because I feel I am obliged to do so… because I care deeply for my Alma Mater, and there is no one more qualified than I, to take on that responsibility.

– Penn State NEEDS responsible stewardship – provided by those who are committed to serving the University as fiduciaries, not those committed to serving themselves.

– Penn State DESERVES stewards who have invested the time and the effort to understand the issues facing the University.

– Penn State DESERVES stewards who have both the skills and abilities to structure proposals that address key University challenges.

– Penn State DESERVES stewards who have the commitment and the tenacity to challenge an ingrained and dysfunctional status-quo.

And Penn State Alumni DESERVE the opportunity to support someone who will provide those skills and abilities and commitments.

So…. Yes, I am running as a candidate for the Board.

Those who know me are quite aware of my positions regarding Penn State, and of the certainty of my commitments to serve for the benefit of all stakeholders of the University.

Those who are less familiar can see detailed outlines of my concerns, recommendations, proposals, and commitments on my FACEBOOK pages – –
“Barry Fenchak”, and “Barry Fenchak for Trustee”.


In brief, the greatest obstacles facing Penn State are:

1) The Highest In-State Tuition of any Public University in the Nation
This issue has not arisen out of accident or happenstance.

2) The Plummeting of Penn State’s Academic Standing in the Big10 – from 4th place, down to 10th place (and dropping).

These issues are NOT un-related…. And they MUST be addressed.

3) The Suffocating Costs of Administrative Waste and Largess, being loaded onto the backs of our Students and their Families.

These issues are NOT unrelated…. And they MUST be addressed.

4) Drastic declines in the In-State student composition of the Penn State – University Park student body.

These issues are NOT unrelated…. And they must be addressed.

5) The most Dysfunctional and the least Accountable Board of Governance among the Big Ten’s public institutions. A 38 member board which focuses it’s only efforts on in-fighting, self-service, and posturing…. Rather than serving as Responsible Stewards of the University.

These issues are NOT unrelated…. And they MUST be addressed.


I have, for years, put forward thorough, intelligent, workable solutions and commitments to address these issues (and others).

You can find links to detailed outlines on the FACEBOOK pages listed above.

Barry J Fenchak
Class of 1984
(1984 BS Chemical Engineering, 1991 MBA Finance)


If you have not yet received your ballot, request your ballot by going to:

The process begins with a nomination phase.

1) Penn State Alumni must nominate prospective candidates for the 3 contested seats in this year’s election.
2) Candidates this year will include the three incumbent Trustees – and any prospective candidate who receives 250 or more nominations from Penn State Alumni.
3) After the nomination phase is completed – which runs through Monday February 25th – the ballot for the general election will be set.

The general election will begin in early April, and voting will be done in a similar manner to the nomination process.

In order to cast a ballot for nominations, Penn State Alumni should receive ballots in their e-mail.

– Alumni who have not previously voted must request a ballot via the process outlined below.
– In the past, many Alumni – even those who may have voted in past elections – have not received their ballots.
– Therefore, it is recommended that all interested Alumni follow the procedures to request a ballot.

Alumni should request their ballot by going to:

And provide their name and year(s) of Attendance or Graduation.

Or, by calling “VOTENET” at 866-307-0041.

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