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I’m on the ballot. Game on.

  • Post last modified:May 22, 2023

Dear Penn Stater,

I just received word that we reached 250 nominations needed and I will be on the 2022 Penn State Alumni Trustee election ballot.

This is all because of you and other like-minded Penn Staters. They don’t make the process easy but you took the time to get engaged, cast the nomination, and then went out and spread the word to family and friends. I want to acknowledge and thank you for your effort and support. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude.

The next few months are going to be very exciting. We have the opportunity to improve the governance of Penn State and try and get it back on a more fiscally, administratively, and academically sound path. This might sound boring to a lot of people (and maybe a few incumbents), but we know these issues are at the heart of what is wrong at Penn State.

Thank you for making this happen. Now let’s turn our attention to the next hurdle – winning a seat on the Penn State Board of Trustees. Voting starts April 10th. I can’t wait.

For the glory,


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